Rainy Sunday Question

So here’s a question for a rainy and blustery Sunday…

For those those that have read Close Quarter, what questions do you have about Rhys or Silas that you most want answered?

I know my nefarious plans for them, of course, and which questions I plan to answer, but I’m curious what people who don’t live in my brain think.

Happy Anniversary & Goodreads Giveaway

Happy Anniversary to Close Quarter! It’s been a full year since the e-book was first published. I am so grateful to all my readers. And yes, I am working on the sequels. I promise.

Close Quarter Banner
In celebration of a year of Rhys and Silas, I’m giving away two print copies on Goodreads!


The Giveaway closes on December 13th.

I also have a ton of things I want to blog about, including the wonderful time I had at GayRomLit, so look for posts in the future.