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Scoreless Game (On the Board #2)

Co-written with L.A. Witt

At nearly thirty-one years old, Pittsburgh Griffins captain Elias Karlsson’s hockey years are numbered. Everything is changing around him, including his eleven-year friendship with Nikolai Sidorov. Elias would give anything for Nisha to be with him, but their once bedrock-strong bond has broken into a million pieces, and Elias doesn’t know why. More than anything, Elias wants his friend back, but if that isn’t an option, maybe it’s time for him to look outside of hockey for someone to be there with him when hockey isn’t an option anymore.

Nisha’s world is splintering apart. He’s been in love with his two best friends for years, but now one of them has someone. The other, Elias, is searching for everything Nisha wishes he could give him… but he’s looking for it in anyone but Nisha. The farther his friends slip away, the deeper the loneliness sinks in and the bleaker his empty future looks. What can he do but numb the pain in the only ways he knows how?

On the eve of the season opener, Nisha’s unexplained absence threatens the cohesion of the team and puts him and Elias on a collision course of strong wills, broken hearts, and shattered trust. In the end, they may lose the one thing that matters the most to them both: each other.

Coming Spring 2023

Between Sea and Sky (A Firesea Point Novel)

At twenty-four, Derry Roth found a place they feel comfortable, and it’s about to be snatched away.

In the past, their life shifted and flowed like the tide, but working in the local vintage clothing shop for Mrs. Athernaby has given them a purpose and allows them to indulge in their flamboyant style and live their life on their terms.

Then Jacob Lovingline, the youngest son of billionaire real-estate developer William Lovingline, darts into the store, as if hell were on his heels and hides in the back behind some clothing racks, like a hunted fox.

And everything changes.

The elder Lovingline wants Athernaby’s shop so he can tear it down and build expensive condos, ruining both Derry’s life and the charm of the town of Firesea Point. Jacob wants to be free from his overbearing family.

Derry’s caught in the middle. If they fight the wicked king, maybe they can rescue the prince, and save themself, too.

Firesea Point is a small town, and the Roths are a large family. Derry is neither the youngest nor the oldest, but they may be the bravest.

No Quarter Given (Close Quarter #2)

The long awaited sequel to Close Quarter. So what happens when Rhys and Silas return to New York City? What about Rhys’s old life? What about the fae court in New York? And they thought vampires were hard to handle…