Takeover Series Extras

just business teaser

When I first wrote Takeover, I didn’t expect that book to spawn a series, or for the characters to span out into the incredibly vibrant people they became.

Some of the bits and pieces you’ll find here are out-takes from the novels. Some are vignettes that either occur between the novels or before. All are more or less canon in their world. I’ve placed them in chronological order, rather than in the order I wrote them.

I’ll be adding to this page over time.

Takeover: A Private Merger
This is an ~8,500-word epilogue of sorts to Takeover. Occurs directly after the events in Takeover.

Deleted Scenes from Just Business: Eli meets Justin’s parents
These scenes take place right before Justin graduates with his MBA.

Spice of Life
This is a 1300-word short featuring Brian making coffee for Justin and Eli. Occurs the autumn before Daily Grind begins.
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New Beginnings
This is a 1200-word short featuring Rob after he moves to Pittsburgh. He meets Sam Anderson for the first time. Occurs before Daily Grind begins.[Currently posted at Alpha Book Club]