Around and About on the Web

So, I’ve done a few guest blogs recently!

I’m a regular Outside the Margins blogger over at the Prism Book Alliance, and my first post there was about my tattoos:

Owning Oneself

Next, I did a retro-Thursday interview at Prism about Close Quarter, which just had its two year book birthday:

Anna Zabo talks Close Quarter

Lastly, today I’m over at the Rainbow Romance Writer’s blog talking about world building:

World building the Real World

Check ’em out!

There and Back Again…

I’ve been on the road so much recently, my poor little blog has been very neglected. So here’s the scoop about what’s been going on!

I was in Germany for a week, thanks to my DayJobbe! Here’s a shot of Heidelberg:


Four days after I returned home, I hopped on another plane and was off to GayRomLit in Chicago. GRL was a blast, as always. And here I am, being utterly professional to Madison Parker during the Supporting Author signing:

megrlThose balloons behind me are from Riptide Publishing. Next year, my short story, CTRL Me, will be included in the anthology Rules to Live By. More about that when I can share.

After GRL, I had a bit of time at home, then I headed down to DC for one of my very favorite conventions, World Fantasy! (Yes, I write that too.) I met up with my agent, with a bevy of fellow alumni and students from the Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction program, and with the Helsinki in 2017 folks:

It’s possible we are taking silly photos at #WFC in the bar… 😉


— Helsinki in 2017 (@helsinkiin2017) November 9, 2014

Now I am back in Pittsburgh and finishing up Just Business. While I loved traveling, I am glad to be at home for a while and back working on my writing. There’s a few other things in the works, as well. Again, as soon as I can share… I will!