The Heart of a Book

As we get closer to the release of Due Diligence on June 21st, I’ve been thinking about themes in my writing. I don’t set out to have any, but I end up circling back to the same motifs.

What the theme is depends on genre. In fantasy, it’s divided loyalties and being true to yourself. In romance, it’s overcoming the past and discovering your whole self.

There’s quite a bit about overcoming the past in Due Diligence.

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Due Diligence on NetGalley

Just a quick note to book bloggers that Due Diligence is up on NetGalley! It’s not open for requests yet, as of this posting, but I’m sure it will be soon. I do know some bloggers have gotten widgets.

I’m guessing it’s the uncorrected proof, which means some typos and formatting errors. Also there’s some places where I flopped names (Todd for Fazil) and one place where I got the timezone difference between Seattle and Pittsburgh backward. (I am so irritated at myself for that one.)

All should be corrected in the final version. Well, I’m sure there will be typos because there are always typos. It’s the nature of the beast. So many eyes and YET you still miss something.