New Series and Other News

Well hello there. It’s been forever since I updated my blog. *hangs head in shame*

Daily Grind, the 4th Takeover book, has been out for about three months, and I am grateful for all the reviews and love the book has gotten! I’m so happy folks have enjoyed Brian and Rob’s story!

Folks have been asking if there will be more Takeover stories, and yes, eventually. But I’m going to be taking a little break from Sam Anderson and his crew to work on two new books. And I can finally talk about them! Here’s the announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace:

PM announcement

I sold two rock star novels to Carina Press! The first one is Syncopation, and it, as the announcement says, follows the lead singer of a band on the rocks as he attempts to salvage his career and manage his feelings for the band’s new drummer — who happens to be his unattainable high school crush.

Basically, it’s a reunited, unrequited enemies to lovers with snark, kink, attitude, a queer rock band, and a lot of self-discovery. I’m so looking forward to introducing you to Ray Van Zeller, a singer with too much anxiety and the weight of the world on his shoulders, and to Zavier Demos, a drummer who really is that good at beating skin.

Counterpoint is the second book of the series, which which will follow the lead guitarist as he navigates his public and private life, which he’s managed to keep separate, until they run straight into each other.

They should both be out next year.

But what about this year?? Well, October should see the release of a Bluewater Bay book I wrote for Ripetide: Outside the Lines, which is the poly romance I’ve been talking a little bit on twitter about.

I owe you all a Takeover short story, so I’ll be releasing one that’s basically Eli and Justin’s hosting Thanksgiving dinner for Eli’s relatives. Justin’s cooking. (Be afraid.) Look for that, hopefully, in early to mid November.

Last but not least, I’ll be re-releasing my paranormal romance Close Quarter, probably in July. I have a lovely new cover by Garrett Leigh, too. Wait until you see it!

More on that later.