CTRL Me Reissued

I mentioned a bit ago that I received back the rights for my short story CTRL Me from Riptide publishing. It had been in the anthology Rules to Live By.

I gave the book a quick edit and updated a few things (like the Consol Energy center is not called that anymore…), added some more explicit consent, and took out some gender binary language, and released it on Amazon.

It also has a lovely cover by Garrett Leigh, which I think captures the spirit of the story well.

Tom likes rope. He really really likes rope.


If you own Rules to Live By, it’s basically the same story, so there’s no need to rebuy if you don’t wish to. This one’s also in KU, since it’s kind of a nice sample of my kinkier contemporary writing. I do want to write more with Gabe and Tom… I just haven’t found quite the right story yet. But yes, I foresee more with them.

They might also meet some of the other kinky folk who live in Pittsburgh….

In the meantime, I’m starting work on Twisted Wishes #3, Reverb, which is Mish’s book! Look for that in 2019!