Character Profiles for Rob and Brian

Business conceptName – Robert (Rob) Ancroft
Birthplace – Brampton Bierlow, England
Lives in – Pittsburgh, PA
Age – Forty
Physical Description – Rob is taller than average (about 6’ 3”) and a natural redhead with pale skin and freckles. He has hazel eyes, but the tend to pick up the colors around him, so can be seen as blue or green.
Personality – Rob’s friendly and open and prone to puns. He’s witty in that drier British way. His disposition now runs sunny and relaxed, but that comes after many years of beating himself up about the death of his mother, his failed relationships, and his intense work on building his company. He’s tried very hard not to be a micromanaging asshole to the point where he can actually relax and enjoy the world around him.
Friends – Rob doesn’t have too many friends in Pittsburgh, since he’s only been in town for a few months, but he has developed a friendship with Sam Anderson. Mostly, he has business acquaintances and no close friends because he spent most of his life as a workaholic and building his business.
Relationships – Both of Rob’s parents are dead. While he knows they did the best they could raising him, they never really accepted him being gay or him leaving the UK. His romantic relationships have been more about sex than anything else—and when he became successful more about how much money his boyfriends could cash in on. He’s wary of lovers and longing for family.
Goals – Rob’s business goals are pretty settled at this point. His personal goal is to let go of his business enough that he won’t stress himself out and drop dead of a heart attack like his father did. He’s also tired of having no close personal connections. He wants someone to share his life and the world with.
Career – Rob is the founder and CEO of CirroBot, a highly successful robotics firm. They specialize in medical robots, but have worked on all kinds of robotic products. It’s not something that comes up in Daily Grind (because Brian is somewhat oblivious to Rob’s career and Rob is happy to downplay it) but Rob’s actually really well known in the business world. He’s been called “an up-and-coming robotics Bill Gates” in the business news.
Skills – Rob is a problem-solver at heart. He’ll pick at issues and problem until he comes up with a way to fix whatever it is. He’s a tinkerer and hardworking. He’s also willing to sacrifice his wants and desires for others—to a point.
Sexual Orientation – Gay
Fun – Rob enjoys outdoor adventures. Hiking, biking, canoeing—anything that gets him into nature. He also loves exploring the urban world, especially while carrying around a camera.

young man sitting outside and drinking coffeeName – Brian Keppler
Birthplace – Pittsburgh, PA
Lives – Pittsburgh, PA
Age – Thirty-eight
Physical Description – Brian is about six feet tall, has sandy blond hair and brown eyes. He’s got a bit of the “boy next door” to him and looks a little younger than he actually is.
Personality – Brian is great at making friends and remembering both the names and the orders of his customers. He’s hardworking and enjoys a fast-paced life. Nothing bores him more than sitting around with nothing to do. Back before he owned Grounds N’at, he usually had seven different art projects going at once, but the shop itself gives him the frenetic environment he craves. He does, however, hate when people think him incompetent or that he’s unable to do what he sets his mind on to do. He’s not one to accept help readily when he can do it himself.
Friends – Rob’s friends tend to be his customers, some of his ex-girlfriends, and his siblings. He’s both a listener and a conversationalist, and generally a good friend—unless he’s stressed out.
Relationships – Brian has a great relationship with his parents and his brother and sister. (He’s the middle child of three.) His immediate family all still live in Pittsburgh and get together once a month for a family dinner. He’s from a big Italian family and has plenty of cousins, too, though he sees them a lot less than his parents and siblings. He’s decent friends with his ex Anita, and has a strong friendship with his former barista Justin White and his current barista Miranda, both of whom will tell him when he’s being a butthead.
Goals – Brian wants his coffee shop to be a neighborhood meeting point and safehaven. Everyone is welcome and he won’t kick anyone out for ordering a cup of coffee and staying for hours. He wants to keep his shop afloat and pay living wages to his employees.
He’s pretty much put everything in life second to his shop.
Career – Brian is the owner of Grounds N’at, the coffee shop below Sam Anderson’s consulting company. He bought the shop from its fomer owner, renamed and revamped it into the place it is today.
Skills – Brian’s greatest ability to being able to juggle many things at once. He’s smart and hardworking and will go the extra mile. But on the flip-side, sometimes he’ll go the extra mile because he can’t ask for help.
Sexual Orientation – Bisexual
Fun – Brian has an art degree and loves photography, sketching, and painting. He also loves hiking and biking—to the point where he doesn’t actually own a car. Right now, though, he’s too busy at the shop to do anything fun.