Edits away! Until they come back!

Last Friday, I received my editor’s first round of edits on Close Quarter. Yesterday, I turned in my revisions. Between those two dates, I typed madly, fixed descriptions, and added a scene.

The editing that editors do isn’t just fixing typos. It’s catching consistency issues and noting boring parts. It’s also noting when the author (me, for instance) needs to dig deeper and give the reader more. More emotion, more feelings. (After all, this is romance, and erotic romance, at that.) Better description. Fix those loose ends

I know I have a blind spot when it comes to my work. I know the story. I know who the characters are and what they feel during scenes.

I sometimes forget that the book doesn’t come with my brain attached. (eww.)

Hopefully, the changes I made will add those elements the readers need and deserve in a good story.

Time will tell… as will round two of editing.

In the meantime, here’s another photo of a sight I saw while writing Close Quarter, the island volcano of Stromboli, near Sicily.

Photo taken by me while cruising the Mediterranean, Fall 2011