Interviewed by Heidi Ruby Miller and Sequel News

Photo by Ethan Lofton

If you want to know a little bit more about me, I answered some of Heidi Ruby Miller’s Pick Six questions. Feel free to check it out!

I’m also working on the sequel to Close Quarter, which will feature Vasil, the waiter in inadvertently caught up in Silas and Rhys’s problems in Close Quarter. It’ll be set in Istanbul. And that’s all I can say at the moment.

There will also be more book giveaways coming up. Check back for more details later!

Amazon Author Page and Another Guest Post and Giveaway!

Amazon Author Page

I now have an Amazon author page. I’m still navigating the waters, so it’ll be updated over time.

Guest Post and Giveaway!

Tomorrow, I’ll be over at Jessica Freely’s blog talking about vampires and giving away another copy of Close Quarter. There will also be another except from Close Quarter.

Stop on by! I’ll have another post tomorrow with the direct link.



Release Day! Release Day!

I’ve been doing the release day dance today! Only sedately, since I do have a day job and they already think I’m odd.

But it’s release day! Close Quarter is currently available at Loose Id,  at All Romance Ebooks, and at Amazon. I’m stalking B&N to see when it pops up there.

On Thursday, I’ll be over at Jessica Freely‘s blog talking about the vampires in the book and giving away another copy. I have some other guest blog posts in the works, and some more give-aways, which I’ll be posting as I get the details.

But I wanted to post an excerpt here, as well. Here’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to where you’re going….

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Yes, but what’s Close Quarter about?

I’ve posted other people’s blubs… but not my own. Time to remedy that!

On a transatlantic cruise to New York, sculptor Rhys Matherton struggles to piece his life back together after losing his mother, inheriting a fortune, and finding out his father isn’t his father after all. He spills a tray of drinks on a handsome stranger, then he finds himself up against a wall getting the best hand-job he’s ever had. And for the first time in his life, he feels whole.

Rhys enjoys the company of Silas Quint, but for the eerie way no one pays attention to them even while they kiss in a crowded bar. Silas explains he’s a forest fae able to glamor the room around them—and more importantly, that he’s on the cruise to hunt vampires. Rhys thinks Silas is full of it, until he discovers vampires are real, and he’s part of the main course.

Silas Quint can’t be distracted by a human lover, even one as lovely as Rhys. Stuck in the middle of the ocean, he has barely enough of energy to hunt the vampires he’s been sent to destroy. Rhys is full of the one thing Silas needs needs most—the element of living plants. Only sucking energy from Rhys would make Silas as soulless as the creatures he hunts. How can he keep Rhys safe, without becoming like the very monsters he hunts?