Sneak Peek Sunday!

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I’ve decided to join up for Sneek Peak Sunday! It’s a blog hop where authors share a snippet of the WIP. More snippets can be found by checking out the Sneak Peek Sunday blog.

(If you happen to follow my alter-ego’s blog, I take part in a similar blog hop on Saturday, but that one focuses on science fiction and fantasy.)

My snippet comes from Strong in Spirit, a sequel of sorts to my paranormal romance Close Quarter.

Vasil stared at the wall of books before him. The living room of Altan’s flat smelled pleasantly of lemon and leather, the latter either from the hundreds of volumes before him or the couch that sat opposite the floor-to-ceiling shelves.

He hadn’t realized he was blocking the doorway until Altan nudged him further into the room. The brief contact of Altan’s hands on his shoulders drove a spike of heat down to the base of his spine and he couldn’t help the small gasp of air he took.

If Altan noticed, he gave no sign. With a casual ease, he tossed his keys onto a small marble-topped table by the door. “Please don’t drool on the rug. I’ve just had it cleaned.”

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