Sneak Peek Sunday #3

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Sneak Peak Sunday is a blog hop where authors share a snippet of a book or work in progress. More snippets can be found by checking out the Sneak Peek Sunday blog.

(If you happen to follow my alter-ego’s blog, I take part in a similar blog hop on Saturday, but that one focuses on science fiction and fantasy.)

This week, I’m sharing another snippet from my paranormal romance Close Quarter, which is available now from Loose Id and other outlets.

Last week, Silas told Rhys he was one of the fae. This snippet is from slightly later during dinner, from Rhys’s POV.  Rhys doesn’t believe Silas… and tells him he’s full of shit.

Silas rose and towered over the table. “Do you require more proof?”

He was afraid to say yes. Afraid to say no as well. “What are you going to do?”

“I haven’t decided.” He rounded the table and looked down at Rhys. “Truth is, I could lay you out on the table, strip you naked, and fuck you senseless, and no one would bat an eye. In the end, our waitress would simply come over and offer us dessert.”

Rhys’s mouth went dry.

Ah, Fae glamour. It’s a useful thing.

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