Sneak Peek Sunday #7 Silas confronts one of the soulless

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Sneak Peak Sunday is a blog hop where authors share a snippet of a book or work in progress. More snippets can be found by checking out the Sneak Peek Sunday blog.

This week, I’m sharing a bit of a different  snippet from my erotic paranormal romance Close Quarter, which is available now from Loose Id and other outlets.

In this snippet, Silas has gone off to do his job: Hunt the soulless on board the cruise ship. We’ve skipped a bit forward from last week…for it seems the soulless have also found Rhys. Silas is none too happy about that.

The male stepped away from Rhys’s body. “Quintus Silvanus.”

So. This one knew his name as well. Silas kept silent and stepped closer to Rhys. He was alive—that much Silas knew—but in pain. He did not let himself look at the extent—or type—of Rhys’s wounds.

The male wiped blood from his mouth, then spoke. “You have not fared well tonight.” Rich voice, full of amusement. “Your masters will not be pleased.”

This one was older. Cautious. “Two of your kind are ash.” He kicked at the pile that had been the female, sending what was left of the soulless swirling into the night air. “You soon will be. I think they’ll be pleased enough.”

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