Sneak Peek Sunday #8 A Kiss in Private…?

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Sneak Peak Sunday is a blog hop where authors share a snippet of a book or work in progress. More snippets can be found by checking out the Sneak Peek Sunday blog.

This week, I’m sharing a snippet from a soon-to-be-released short story Slow Waltz (Coming May 7th from Loose Id). It continues the adventures of Rhys and Silas from Close Quarter.

In this snippet, Silas and Rhys are in an elevator…

Silas pushed himself off the wall. An instant later, he tilted Rhys’s chin up and his soft lips skimmed against Rhys’s mouth. The gentleness of that first touch vanished, and Silas devoured Rhys’s mouth.

For a moment, the world vanished and all that existed were Silas’s lips, his tongue probing deeply, and his fingers stroking Rhys’s throat. The elevator lurched to a stop, and the doors opened. Silas broke the kiss but remained inches close. He ran his thumb over Rhys’s jaw. “Of course love at first sight exists.” He murmured the words.

Someone in the hallway coughed.

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