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Today, I’m hosting Scarlet Day!

Hi Scarlet, it’s nice to have you here.

Thanks, it’s great to be here!

Can you tell me a little about your latest release?

SDImmortallyTheirsImmortally Theirs is the first book in my new Legends & Myths series just released from Siren Publishing. It’s about two brothers who gained immortality from the legendary Fountain of Youth and the decision they have to make as to whether they should share the secret, and the curse, with the woman they’ve both fallen in love with. It has some of my favorite things in the story – a little history, supernatural elements, romance, hot men and great sex. Did I mention the hot men?

It’s set in the Historic District of St. Augustine, Florida, which is steeped in ghost stories, pirate lore and brutal battles. I had the opportunity to spend a good deal of time exploring the area and I hope I’ve captured some of the mystery of the location.

You’ve written several Ménage erotic romances. What draws you to the genre?

Polyamorous relationships have been around since the beginning of human history, but they’ve been kept in the shadows, relegated to secrecy. I’m drawn to the idea of bringing these relationships out in the open by creating worlds and cultures where polyamory is not only accepted, but is even considered normal. I also like to play with the culture-clash that results when someone who doesn’t necessarily agree with these relationships gets thrown into a society that does.

How hard is it to write a romance between three people as opposed to two?

Logistics can be a bitch! You should see the hand movements I make in the air when I’m writing a sex scene and I’m trying to figure out where everyone’s arms and legs are!

Seriously though, there is a different set of dynamics involved when the relationship has more than two people in it. Jealousy can easily sabotage a ménage relationship if all partners are not secure in their role within the grouping. Making sure the relationship is well-balanced between the three or more characters and giving all of the characters equal stake in the success of the partnering is crucial. No one wants to feel like a third-wheel, not even fictional characters.

What do you love best about the genre?

I’ve been a romance junkie since the first time I picked up an old Harlequin when I was a young teen. When I started writing, romance just seemed to be a natural avenue for me. But I also grew up as a die-hard Star Wars nerd and loved anything paranormal, so those are recurring elements in all of my books. I love being able to combine all of those things and create my own worlds and cultures, while still focusing on the romantic relationships of the characters.

As to the erotic part, well…I got tired of reading fade-to-black scenes. I mean, I’m an adult. I’ve been married for over half my life. I know from experience that what happens behind the bedroom door can have just as much of an impact on a relationship as what goes on out in the open, so I want my writing to reflect that. I don’t want my books to show only half of my character’s story; I want them to show the whole story.

You’ve also written a number of shifter romances, and shifters are very popular! What do you think it is about shifters that seems to hit the spot so well for so many readers?

I love shifters! The shifter aspect lets you imagine that the guy standing down at the end of the bar might be a whole lot more than he appears. It also brings out the primal nature of the physical relationship. I love any reason to bring out the animal in my characters and writing about shifters gives me the perfect opportunity to do that.  

What’s your favorite kind of shifter? What kind of shifter would you love to see more of?

I have a thing for dragon shifters. The first series I wrote, Dragon’s Light, is a sci-fi/fantasy story about dragon shifters and they’ll always have a special place in my heart. All that fire-breathing just makes me all warm and tingly.

My other favorites are big cat shifters. My Panther Key trilogy is about a family of black panther shifters, which I haven’t seen much of in the shifter world. I’ve had readers write to me about how much they loved reading about them and that they hope I’ll write more panther stories. And since I love them so much, it’s safe to assume that more are in the works.

Which of your characters is your very favorite, and can you tell us a little more about him/her? What book can we find him/her in?

Abby, the main female character from Panther Key 2: Black Fire, is one of my favorites. She’s an environmental scientist in South Florida, which is what I did for a living in my younger years. Any woman who is willing to spend her days wading through alligator infested swamps and wrestling invasive pythons is someone I’d like to hang out with!

Abby has a lot to deal with in this story, including getting kidnapped, learning she’s a rare black panther shifter and fighting for her life. But she is at her most ferocious when her two men are threatened. This is one kitten you do not want to make mad.   

On Absolute Write, you’re known as Beachgirl. How often do you find yourself at the beach?

Well, I work on a barrier island and my office is right across the street from the beach, so…a lot. I live about six minutes from one of the top-ranked beaches in the world and whenever I get a few spare minutes, I’m there. The beach, ocean and some of the other natural resources in Florida are very near and dear to my heart, which is why so many of my books are set in these locations.

What else do you do when you’re not writing?

As much as I enjoy writing, I do still have a day-time career that I love. When I’m not writing or working, I’m usually on the beach with my family or hanging out with them at other great local spots. I’m also thinking about taking up kayaking, so I may be in the market for a kayak soon.

What’s your writing space look like? Or are you more nomadic—a coffee shop type writer?

I use a tablet with a keyboard, so I’m more nomadic. I might write while sitting at the beach, at my desk on my lunch break, or in a coffee shop. Heck, I’ve been known to write while parked in the school pick-up lane with my tablet balanced on my car’s center console. When I write at home, I’m usually on the sofa with my tablet perched on the arm and my poodles in my lap (like they are right now).

Have you ever written non-erotic romance? Or non-romance? Do you ever plan to?

I have actually written a children’s book that is part of a planned series, but I haven’t published it yet. I know, I know…nothing like swinging from one end of the genre spectrum to the other, right?

I also have a mystery/thriller series planned that I hope to work on soon. It’s set in Florida and will be reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen and Randy Wayne White, so fairly heavy on humor, local wildlife and maybe a hurricane or two.

Both my children’s books and my mystery/thriller series will be published under separate pen names, I just haven’t decided what those names will be yet.

They say writers should read…who are your favorite authors?

It’s going to sound a little weird coming from a romance writer, but James Michener, who wrote all of those massive historical doorstops like Hawaii, The Source and Caribbean, is one of my favorite authors. His sweeping descriptions of history suck me in and compel me to keep reading.

But when I’m in a silly mood, Sophie Kinsella is my go-to girl. I laughed so hard reading the Shopoholic series that I’m pretty sure I bruised a few ribs.

Which authors do you think have influenced your writing the most?

I’ve been influenced by so many wonderful writers. Stephen King, Carl Hiaasen, J.R. Ward and Gena Showalter are just a few that come to mind.

What are you working on these day? Can you tell us a bit about it?

I’m almost finished with the second book in my Legends & Myths series, which follows Atticus, a side character from Immortally Theirs who I fell in love with. He’s a fallen angel who has the distinction of being the Grim Reaper, but when I get finished with him, he won’t be so grim anymore.

I’ve also started work on a new shifter series that I’m really excited about. It’s going to be a fun series to write and I hope readers love the idea as much as I do. And yes, there will be panthers, as well as a few other assorted shifter species. Oh, and sex. Lots of it.

If we wanted to learn more about your books, where should we go?

My books are listed on my blog at www.scarletdaybooks.blogspot.com. There are also some great excerpts on my publisher’s website at www.bookstrand.com/scarlet-day. My books can be purchased through BookStrand, Amazon and many other eBook retailers and some of them are also offered in print.

Do you have any regular places online you hang out? Facebook? Twitter?

Besides the Absolute Write Water Cooler forums, which I am completely addicted to, I can be found on my blog at www.scarletdaybooks.blogspot.com and on Twitter at @scarletdaybooks.

And last but not least, what do you absolutely love about writing erotica?

Let’s see…hot men, amazing sex and the opportunity to let my imagination run amok. And I did mention the hot men, right? Okay, just wanted to make sure we all got that.

Thanks, Scarlet, for stopping by! It’s been a pleasure having you here!

Thanks for having me! It’s been fun!

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Here’s a blurb for Legends & Myths: Immortally Theirs by Scarlet Day

DSDImmortallyTheirsismissed as myth, the Fountain of Youth intrigued countless explorers. They chased the dream across oceans and continents, never finding the life-giving waters. But even myths can be real.

Claire Morgan is on the run from an abusive husband. Her days of freedom are numbered, though, and her husband will stop at nothing to find her. When he does, she knows she’ll die at his hands.

Christian and Stefan de la Fuente are brothers who have led separate and lonely lives for almost three hundred years. It might take a miracle, or at least a dead grandmother and one not-so-helpless damsel, to bring them together. But to save Claire, they’ll have to share the source, and curse, of their eternal youth.

A ruthless husband isn’t the only thing stalking Claire, but she’s finished letting others determine her fate. When she takes control of her future, though, even the legendary Fountain of Youth may not be enough to save her.

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