I just typed those two little words…

I just typed those two little words that always make my day: The End.


I finally finished a novella I set out to write back in June. It…isn’t a novella any more. It’s a novel. A short one, but still, it crept out of novella length.

It’s an erotic romance, a m/m contemporary this time, an office romance I’ve titled Acquisition and Merger. I wanted to write something a bit different and see if I could create tension without having something monstrous out to get my heroes. Time will tell if I’ve succeeded. I still need to run it though a revision pass, since I know there are issues with the draft, but there’s nothing like the feeling of a story being complete. They have their HEA and can sail off into the sunset. Huzzah!

What’s next? Well, my other pen name is working on revisions to a fantasy novel based on my agent’s comments. It…uh…has m/m themes. I can’t seem to help that, so when I have news, I’ll probably note it here as well.

After I finish that, I’ll be getting back to a sequels for Close Quarter. And then about a dozen other projects.