Six Writers of the Apocalypse – Pony style

It started with a tweet. Well, with many tweets…mostly L.A. Witt and I fighting over a tiara (I so won that).  But then this happened:

And then chaos ensued. Cascades of tweets. Sarah Frantz joined in and then Catherine Dair drew this piece of awesome:

Six Writers of the Apocalypse

I have no words to describe the awesome of this. Or that I am mentioned with such an excellent group of writers (and killer editors).

But did you see? Witt is still after my tiara. Just wait until RT, ’cause Game Of Tiaras is ON. And I am going to win that, too. Just you wait…

One thought on “Six Writers of the Apocalypse – Pony style

  1. It’s good to see that you’re speaking out against the SFWA, as the entire organization must be sexist because of something done by someone who isn’t in the SFWA. We all know that female writers must be taught to view themselves as victimized by the SF/F writing community at all times so that women won’t enter the SF/F writing community and that your whining can become a self-fulfilling prophesy. You just keep on trucking, a feminist who profits from shallow works revolving around fetishization of homosexual men. Because equality for all!

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