Winner! And what the heck am I up to?


First! I never drew a winner for the Taste the Rainbow blog hop post… mostly because I was off at RWA and that screwed up my schedule.

So! says the winner is poster 11, which is sherry1969! I’ve emailed you. Congrats!

What’s going on with you, Anna?

Second…I’ve been asked quite a bit if I plan to ever write a sequel to Close Quarter?

Short form: YES. yes. At least one. Probably two, because Silas and Rhys aren’t done and won’t shut up. And then there a book for Vasil, lovely Vasil.

Longer form:

So here’s the current way things are playing out:

On August 19th, my contemporary m/m office romance,Takeover, releases. YAY! I am so nervous and excited. PLEASE tell me how you like Michael and Sam’s story! Or leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads or your blog or whatever. 🙂

When I signed with InterMix for Takeover, I also signed for a second novel. This will be Just Business, another contemporary m/m office romance set after Takeover. Sam and Michael aren’t the main focus, but they do appear in the novel. There’s a sneak peek of Just Business in the back of Takeover where you can meet Justin and Eli… Just Business will be out in June 2015. And… it’s almost written. Yeah, there’s a certain amount of OMG that happens when you see the pre-order button for a book you haven’t finished… I’m still ahead of when I need to turn it in, but the goal is to get this bad boy (and yes, it’s very bad…filthy, even) finished.

I recently signed with Riptide Publishing for a bondage short story that’s currently called Date Night. I’m told that will release sometime early next year. The good news? It’s written. Just has to go through edits.

After I get Just Business turned in, I need need need to finish revising the fantasy manuscript that first caught the attention of my agent. I think readers of Close Quarter and Takeover will enjoy Duty to the Crown too. There’s quite a bit less sex, but some lovely sexual tension mixed in with politics and swords and Journeyman carpenter who finds himself attracting the attention of his king. Poor Jen has been waiting for it for ages, so I really do need to get that to her so we can get it out on submission and find it a home.

After that? No Quarter Given.

Yup. Rhys and Silas. It’ll be the book that tells what happens when they get to New York and suddenly all the New World fae realize there’s a quarter-fae to be had. Or rather they think he’s to be had. Rhys has opinions about that. There will be some new folks introduced along the line, and Silas must finally decide just how aloof he wants to be from the fae courts.

In and around those, I’m working on two co-writing projects with two fabulous authors. The first one is a swashbuckling space opera with Jessica Freely and the second is a contemporary romance with LA Witt (AKA, Suitporn with horses. Yes. Really. You’ll see.).

So stuff! And things!