Just Business and other things…

I wanted to drop in a quick note to say that I finished writing Just Business. It ended up being a bit longer than anticipated because the characters…well, they wanted that story, so they got it. This one focuses primarily on the relationship between Justin and Eli and I really can’t wait to share these guys with you. It should be out in June.

Sam and Michael are there too and Sam is a lot happier now, as you might expect. It was enjoyable writing a post-Takeover Sam who is free of the angst he was carrying around with him.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to give out some teasers as time goes by. I also have several scenes that either never made it into the book or got cut because they weren’t needed, so I should also have some extra deleted scenes-type stuff.

Now, I’m working on revising a fantasy novel that’s been sitting on the back burner all year…and working on outlines for more Anderson & Co novels. (I have no idea what we’re going to end up calling the series, if it gets a series title. That’s what I’ve been calling them in my head.) One of the minor characters in Just Business decided he wanted a book, so he’s probably going to get one.  I suspect it won’t be the character people expect to get a book…

Someday, I’ll get the whole blogging regularly thing down. I know, I know… I did do another Outside the Margins post at Prism Book Alliance this past Sunday. A warning: It’s a more raw than I normally blog, but it was good to get some of the crap in my head out: Days of Infamy.

If I don’t blog before the New Year (because my track-record isn’t great)… happy holidays and may the New Year bring good things for you!