Due Diligence is out! Plus giveaway!

It’s June 21, 2016! That means Due Diligence is FINALLY OUT! Hurrah!

Due Diligence cover

For your convenience, here are the buy links:

I really hope you all enjoy Fazil and Todd’s story. It’s been a long time in coming and a long wait since Just Business.


In celebration of Due Diligence’s release, I’m hosting a give away! Just comment on this post and tell me your favorite moment in any of my books. That’s it! I’ll randomly select a winner and ship you stuff. Yes, even internationally. (Gulp)

Here’s what one lucky winner will get:

  • One very rare copy of the Just Business paper ARC. There were 10 printed. Five went to RITA judges. I got the other five. So, yeah, there aren’t too many of ’em.
  • A glass caffeine molecule mug, perfect for hot beverages. In one scene, Todd wears the t-shirt that matches this mug.
  • One 20-sided die necklace (complete with a red D20 that can be removed). In honor of the red D20 Todd and Fazil use. Mmmhmm. Probably like you think they might.
  • One Ten dollar Starbucks gift card. The book’s set in Seattle, so this is kind of a requirement.
  • One InterMix drop card with samples from InterMix authors. This was a promo item from RT Booklovers, and has a sample of Due Diligence…but also samples from a ton of other authors.


I’ll probably throw in some other swag, too, like a Just Business button featuring Eli and Justin. I have to see what I have. So that bit will be a surprise.

Happy release day! And THANK YOU for being here with me!

20 thoughts on “Due Diligence is out! Plus giveaway!

  1. Very excited to r dad the new book. Favorite moment in the series is in the restaurant in Just Business when Sam orders based on Michahels subtle suggestion that he wants different left overs. It is a small moment, but with the characters being well developed it reveals a ton about the state of their relationship without pulling away focus from the main story.

  2. Oh, there’s just so much of Just Business to love. How about the moment when Justin puts Eli’s cane in his mouth, watches Eli’s response, and thinks, *gotcha.*

  3. Congrats Anna!!! I am so freakin excited for this book!!! Takeover was it for me. I love Just Business too. But I think Takeover cause it was my first Anna Zabo book! Anyway. I love in the book where Sam goes to Michaels hotel room, after the hot scene and sex, Michael ask Sam “Did you find the answer?” Sam finally answers while laying on Michaels’s body “You give me peace”. Oh how I love these two. I can’t wait to read Due Diligence!!!

  4. Just *one* favorite? Good grief, so many to choose from. Well, I’ll go with Eli waking up to the call from Sam morning after the holiday party in Just Business. It’s sweet and makes me laugh.

    And for bonus, “cooking beats homicide any day” is a favorite line — I relate to it so much. 🙂

    Started reading Due Diligence last night, can’t wait to get back to it!

  5. I have not read any of your books yet but a good friend said they were all great, so I;ll start as soon as I win ;), or get a GC from someone so I can get some.

  6. I liked both of the previous books, but I have a soft spot for Takeover. I don’t know that I had a favorite moment with Sam and Michael — all of them! I’m looking forward to this next book. 🙂

  7. What a fun giveaway! I think my favorite moment (spoiler free) was in Just Business, when Justin saw his boss, Sam, at ~that party~.

  8. Thsnks for chance. Excited for new book. Have so many favourite parts. I think Justin going to the interview and seeing Eli and also their first meeting just was intense and started their relationship and somehow that stands out for me

  9. As a fellow Pittsburgher, this never fails to make me laugh. “My lungs didn’t want to cooperate, and my heart pounded so hard he probably heard it over the potholes.”

  10. I’m going to go with my first thought here and say the scene where Justin first sees Eli at the party. That entire scene was lovely, but that part specifically stands out in my memory.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Well so far I’ve only read Takeover (Just Business is on my TBR!). And I thought that awkward scene when Sam and Michael realize they work together was the best. It’s a great trope. 🙂

    Congrats on the release!

  12. Just Business:
    “Because of you, I came here tonight to tie a man up, flog him, and fuck him. If you want to be that man, you better get on your knees right fucking now.”
    Daayyyuummmm Eli!!!

  13. I actually haven’t read any of your books, yet, but geeky romances are something I love, so I’m looking forward to finding one.

  14. So, there were 16 entries (15 here and one on GR, which I slotted in by time posted) and I used random.org, which gave me 9! So the winner is karabraden!


  15. I can’t share my favorite part because I’ve only just recently come across your work and started to read “Just Business.” As someone who has always enjoyed a good romance novel (but has only read ones with straight characters), I’m glad that I’ve found these books that express love between men. I stayed away from gay romance novels because I’m in the closet and I didn’t want anyone finding them. I’ve moved past that phase and I’m going to read every single one!

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