Almost time for some Daily Grind

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Spain!

That is, it’s Valentine’s Day, I’m a week out from the release of Daily Grind, and I’m sitting in my PJs on a couch in a villa in Spain. Yesterday, I visited the Alhambra, which is a pretty magical place. And yes, I had coffee from the cafe there. The coffee here is nice and reminds me of the coffee in Italy.

It seems to be a thing with me and traveling right before a book release. I was flying home from London the day Takeover came out, and I’ll be heading home from Spain the day before Daily Grind releases.

There’s already been some very nice reviews of Daily Grind, and I’m so happy people are connecting with the book. All my books are special to me, but this one in particular is probably the most me of my books. It’s also the most Pittsburgh. But I’ll end up covering that during the blog tour

Ah yes, there’s going to be a blog tour for Daily Grind! I’ll be posting links to those posts when I have them. If you want to read the first chapter, I’ve posted that on the book page for Daily Grind. You’ll also find links to the places you can pre-order the book.

Oh! It’ll also be coming out in audio at the same time, so if you’d prefer the audio book, you can pre-order from Audible, too.

That’s it from me for now. I’ll leave you with a view of Granada from the gardens above the Alhambra.


One thought on “Almost time for some Daily Grind

  1. I wish I was in Spain! So jealous lol … bring us some treats!!
    And I am super excited about Daily Grind coming out!! Loved the book!!!

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