Re-release of the Takeover Series

The entire Takeover series has been re-released, with beautiful new covers by Cate Ashwood, and a very light edit. If you already own these ebooks, there’s no need to buy them again.

The first book, Takeover, also contains the short story A Private Merger, which can also be found here.

Currently, the ebooks are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, so they’re only available at Amazon. I’ll take them wide again at some point, but they’ve never been in KU before, and it’s a whole different batch of readers.

They’re still available in translations and as audiobooks.

However, there are now paperbacks, which should be available at all retailers, soon! They just need to wind their way through distribution channels. I have no idea how long that takes, but you’ll be able to order them from your favorite independent, soon.