Guest Post: Jessica Freely and His Own Devices

I first met Jessica Freely back in 2008, in her guise as a mild mannered* instructor at Seton Hill’s Writing Popular Fiction Master’s program. Over the years, I learned that not only did she write kick-ass adult science fiction, write a Nebula-finalist short story, and write kick-ass YA fiction, she also writes sexy kick-ass m/m fiction. Jessica (in all her many guises) rocks. She beta-read Close Quarter and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders. without furthur ado, here’s Jessica… or rather Sunshine and Cam, on her behalf!

* I have it on good authority from students that she mentors that she’ll not let you get away with any writing shenanigans. So that mild-mannered part? Totally a front.


The His Own Devices Blog Tour

All week long, Sunshine and Cam have been pounding the pavement, getting the word out about their new book, His Own Devices by Jessica Freely, available now from Loose Id.

His Own Devices coverA wounded genius, Cam has closed himself off from his desires. Sunshine, a renegade android with custom attachments, is determined to change that. Together they defy a cruel regime, but at what price?

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Unlawful is an 8,500 word m/m erotic romance set in the universe of His Own Devices. On the Hanovan home world, where being gay is unlawful and slavery is legal, two men fight for their lives, for their desires, and for justice. Buy His Own Devices during release week (Nov. 19-25) and receive a free copy of Unlawful when you send your proof of purchase to cover

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Sunshine: Well, here we are, it’s the fourth day of our blog tour. What do you think Cam? Will Jessica be happy with the job we’ve done?

Cam: I don’t know, I feel like we’ve forgotten something.

Sunshine: I know what you mean, but we’ve shared excepts and buy links and told everyone about Jessica’s release week special.

Cam: Not to mention your high tech cock. Haven’t been able to get you to stop talking about that, have we?

Sunshine: Hey, I’m proud of it. I put a lot of work into that penis.

Cam: I appreciate that.

Sunshine: (grins) I know you do.

Cam: (sighs) See, that’s what I mean. This whole tour has been one big, long dick joke.

Sunshine: A big, long dick joke? Did you really just say that?

Cam: Argh!

Sunshine: You know, I think I know what we left out.

Cam: If this is another setup…

Sunshine: We haven’t shown people how we met.

Cam: Oh… Yeah. (smiles) That’s it.

Sunshine: Shall we?

Cam: Definitely. Oh, but first we need to thank Anna for having us on her blog, and everyone else for visiting. We really appreciate you all stopping by.

Sunshine: And everybody, remember to leave a comment because Jessica’s giving away a free book from her backlist to one lucky reader.

Cam: Here we go.

Excerpt of His on Devices

A distant hum heralded the approach of the shipping pod. In the southwest quadrant of the sky, he could just make out a tiny black dot. As the hum got louder, the dot got larger. The shipping pod was a shiny black ovoid, like an egg. It landed, and the hatch popped open.

Someone tall and blue climbed out of it.

Cam walked slowly forward, mesmerized by what he saw: a broad, masculine chest tapering to a trim waist, a flat belly, and long, powerful legsall sculpted in the gleaming midnight blue of malleum, a metal at once as strong as steel and as pliable as human flesh.

An android.

The being looked about with evident curiosity. Itno, he, Cam decidedbent at the waist and scraped a handful of dust up from the hard-packed desert surface. He let it run through his fingers. He furrowed his brow.

He had a high-bridged nose, a long jaw, and a jutting chin. A prominent brow sheltered his eyes. His lips were full. They parted, and Cam caught a glimpse of bright white teeth.

He resembled a human being in every detail. Just about the only thing they hadn’t given him was a penis.

Cam pushed that thought aside and swallowed with some difficulty. “Um. Hi.”

The android startled and turned, his golden eyes wide. For an instant they stared at each other. Cam raised his hand, but before he could even wave and say welcome, the android cried out “No!” and fled as if Cam were his worst nightmare come to life.

Shit. “Flyer, to me.” Cam climbed inside the passenger compartment. “Ariadne, to me.”

Ariadne climbed on to the roof of the passenger compartment.

“Flyer. Pursue blue humanoid. Ariadne, rescue mission.”

By the time they were airborne, the android had a sizeable head start. But Flyer was fast too.

As they caught up, the android looked over his shoulder and spotted them, fear etched in the lines of his face. He put on an extra burst of speed. With those long legs and no need for breathing, he was phenomenally fast. He started pulling ahead again.

“Ariadne, rescue.”

The bot spit a ribbon of sticky filament at the android. It struck the dirt just to the right of him. He veered to the left.

The prospect of telling Halde that he’d let a valuable and highly experimental piece of Zenesco equipment run away made Cam’s stomach tighten. He rubbed his wrists. “Flyer, faster!”

Flyer’s motor whined as the bot pushed it to the limits of its capacity. They crept up on the fleeing humanoid.

“Ariadne. Take your best shot.”

Cam held his breath. The distance closed a little more, and then the android started to pull away again. His legs were a blur.

Ariadne shot a long stream of filament. It hit the android square in the back and stuck.

“Haaa!” The android’s cry sent chills up Cam’s spine. He tried to keep running. He might have succeeded in pulling Ariadne off her perch, but she hit him with a second strand and yanked back hard. He staggered.

As Flyer closed the distance, she wrapped the struggling android in filament after filament, until he was bound hand and foot, writhing on the ground and shouting incoherently.

Flyer landed.

“It’s okay,” said Cam, hopping out of the passenger compartment. “We’re here to help you. You have some kind of malfunction, but don’t worry. We’ll find out what it is and fix it.”

“No!” The android tried to roll away, but Ariadne wove a net around him and anchored it to several nearby gilly bushes, immobilizing him. Trembling, he stared up at Cam. “Please. I don’t want to die.”

What the hell? He’s terrified. But he’s an android. How is it he feels anything at all? “It’s okay,” Cam said. “I’m not going to kill you. I’m here to help you.”

“No! Please! Just let me go!”

“No! Don’t! Let me go!” Memories of a cold cave floor and iron shackles, laughter and pain, blindsided Cam. And now he was the one being pleaded with. He sat down hard in the dirt.

“I won’t do anything bad,” the android said. “I promise. There’s nothing here anyway. Just let me go. Please.”

Cam’s stomach twisted at the sight of the creature, helpless, bound, and pleading. He swallowed the gorge rising in this throat.

“Ariadne. Release him.”

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  1. I’ve been loving Cam and Sunshine’s back-and-forth over the course of the tour. The book looks lovely!

  2. Oh gosh I want this book so badly!! I hope I can get it on time for the free companion book giveaway. ;A; I hate being so broke… ooh….


  3. And by random selection, Trix is the winner of the giveaway! Trix, please email me at jessicafreely at gmail dot com with your choice of title from my backlist, and your preferred format. Congratulations, and thank you everyone for following my blog tour!

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