It’s Queer Romance Month!

Subgenre-badge-2015It’s October! That means it’s Queer Romance Month! What is it? Well, I’m going to steal a bit from the Queer Romance Month website:

Queer Romance Month exists to celebrate queer romantic fiction in all its aspects.

  • We believe that love is love, and nobody should be relegated to a sidebar or a subgenre. Queer romance is romance.
  • We welcome anyone who believes in love, irrespective of gender or orientation. Allies, supporters and the curious are all part of QRM.
  • We support the right to read what you like, write what you love, and be who you are.
  • We love romantic fiction. We want to share the love and help some amazing books and authors reach a wider audience.

The theme of Queer Romance Month in 2015 is We All Need Stories.

There are a bunch of amazing folks blogging over at the QRM site. Well, and me. But lots of amazing people too!

Check out the schedule right here.