A Due Diligence Snippet

I owe a lot of blog posts! Sorry I haven’t been keeping up like I should. In penance, here’s a snippet of Due Diligence!

Note that this hasn’t been edited by anyone but me, so this will likely change, etc. before the final book. Also I’m the queen of typos. Just saying.

Todd rarely saw Fazil for the rest of the week. A few meetings here and there, some work-related conversations, and Fazil had been at a group lunch on Thursday at Steve’s invitation. There were some moments alone, but those were few and far between and Fazil kept his distance.

But oh, those unguarded looks. The way he licked his lips. The smiles. He hoped he wasn’t reading too much into all of it, now that it was Friday.

Would Fazil run? Tell him he had plans to tour Seattle with their finance guy or something? He had no idea. Really was only one way to find out. After he finished plugging another hole in their code, he walked down to the conference room Fazil and the finance guy had claimed, knocked, and pushed the door open.

Fazil sat inside, his hands hovering over the keyboard. “Hey.”

No sign of the finance guy. Todd slipped inside and leaned against the closed door. “Hey. Wanted to see how things were going.”

“They’re going.” Fazil leaned back in his chair. “But it’s—there’s a lot that still needs to be done.”

“Well, you have another week.”

He nodded. “You didn’t come by for that, though.” His smile was a sly thing.

Todd curled his toes. “No. I wanted to see if we were still on for this weekend.” Please say yes.

A hint of worry crossed Fazil’s face. “Yeah. But if something’s come up…”

“No, no. I just—” He pushed himself off the door and crossed the room. “It has to be yes, Fazil. Like I said. I can’t—I won’t play the guessing game with you.” Not again. Not anymore.

Fazil looked at his computer for a moment, then stood and rounded the table until he stood close—but not close enough.

There were still too many inches between them. Too many years.

“How much of a yes do you want?” Fazil said. His lips were upswept into that sly little smile. “I mean, we’re still on the clock.”

There was that.

“And I have no idea if there’s a hidden camera or something in this room.” Fazil paused and furrowed his brow. “I hope not, because Eli and I spend a lot of time flipping each other off. People might think we have an antagonistic relationship.”

This was a side of Fazil he hadn’t seen. “I can’t actually imagine that guy flipping anything off. He seems like the stiff and proper type that can’t wait to get back to his wife.”

Fazil said. “I used to think that, too. But our office is tiny, his husband is Sam’s assistant, and…go on enough of these trips and you learn things about your co-workers.”

Todd slotted a bunch of that information away. “Sounds like a great place to work. Like family.”

“A very rowdy, dysfunctional family. But yes. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.” His smile was golden and he took a step closer. “Any cameras?”

Todd warmed all over. “None that I know of.”

“So if I were to kiss you…that be fine?”

“More than,” He whispered, and reached for Fazil.

This time, Fazil pulled his head down and took his mouth like he owned it. Which was fine with Todd for the moment, because it left him free to cup that perfect ass and pull Fazil against him. He’d never get tired of the way Fazil melted when their cocks ground against each other, the little catch of breath. The ways he arched his back.

Fazil broke the kiss. “Yes. We’re still on.”

More than on. If they weren’t at work, he’d be tempted to make use of all the office furniture in this room, like some scene out of a porno. Bad Business Boyz Seven or some such thing. Except they were more geek than executive. And the conference room’s door handle rattled.

They both jumped apart. Fazil looked down at his feet and Todd backed up against the table. The door swung open and the finance guy walked in, his jaw set hard and his knuckles white about the handle of his cane, but everything about his demeanor changed when he saw Todd and glanced at Fazil.

He planted his cane onto the carpet and chuckled. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“It’s—um.” Todd stumbled over every word. Shit.

Eli glanced at Fazil, his grin a little too deep. “I thought I told you to hang a tie on the door handle.”

What? Todd glanced at Fazil, who looked like he might have just swallowed his tongue.

“Eli!” Fazil choked with laughter, but there was also a smidgen of horror written into his face.

Kind of like the horror in Todd’s gut. The finance guy knew? About them?

Eli shrugged. “Oh come on. You’ve seen me banter with Sam. And with Justin.”

“Too many times,” Fazil said. “And you’re the one with the damn ties.”

“You can borrow one, if you’d like.” He folded both hands over the top of his cane. “They have lots of uses.”

“Stop.” Fazil turned an interesting shade of red and met Todd’s gaze finally. “Um, have you two met?”

“Not officially.” He eyed Eli, who looked every bit the businessman in his three piece suit.

“Eli, this is Todd Douglas. Todd, Eli Ovadia, Sam’s CFO.”

They shook hands, and Eli’s were both warm and strong. His smile was enigmatic. Todd cleared his throat. “You, uh, know.” He gestured between Fazil and him.

“It’s a small company,” Eli said.

“So, there’s not going to be a problem?” Man, the AC either didn’t work in this room, or he was really red. He hoped it was the lack of cooling.

“Not from me.” Eli laughed. “I’m sure Fazil will explain. But if you’ll both excuse me, I should go over my notes and call my boss before he leaves for the day.”

Todd glanced at his watch. Nearly two. Almost five on the east coast. “Right.” Man, this was weird and awkward. “Stop by when you’re done, Z?”

“Sure. Probably won’t be until five, since you guys are paying us for a full day’s work.”

Yeah, really weird. “You know where to find me.” With that, Todd fled the conference room.

Back in his cube, he stared at his darkened screen. Fazil definitely wanted him. Wanted this weekend, which was good. Eli walking in had been—odd. He would have had kittens had it been anyone else, but… the finance guy had taken it in stride. The married, gay finance guy.

Shit, that was some company Fazil worked for. He nudged his screen awake and got back to work.