Scoreless Game is almost here…

Once upon a time, LA Witt and I got an idea for a hockey romance. That was Rookie Mistake. Halfway through writing that book, we knew Julien and Isaac’s teammates, Elias and Nisha, were going to have a book of their own. Scoreless game is that book.

We knew their romance wouldn’t be easy, and boy, it was not. They love each other so much, but are completely oblivious to the other’s adoration. There are reasons for this, of course. The book is also an exploration of how the events of Rookie Mistake and the very large shift in the status quo of their lives culminates in all that’s been hidden bubbling up to the surface. As the book opens, their friendship is teetering on the edge of annihilation. And they fall over that.

But their love… well their love for each other is what saves them. We promise.

It will be release on March 1, which at the time of this writing, is a scant two day away (though the physical forms of the book are available now).


At nearly thirty-one years old, Pittsburgh Griffins captain Elias Karlsson’s hockey years are numbered. Everything is changing around him, including his eleven-year friendship with Nikolai Sidorov. Elias would give anything for Nisha to be a permanent part of his life, but their once bedrock-strong bond has broken into a million pieces, and Elias doesn’t know why. More than anything, Elias wants his friend back, but if that isn’t an option, maybe it’s time for him to look outside of hockey for someone to be there with him when hockey isn’t an option anymore.

Nisha’s world is splintering apart. He’s been in love with his two best friends for years, but now one of them has someone. The other, Elias, is searching for everything Nisha wishes he could give him… but he’s looking for it in anyone but Nisha. The farther his friends slip away, the deeper the loneliness sinks in and the bleaker his empty future looks. What can he do but numb the pain in the only ways he knows how?

On the eve of the season opener, Nisha’s unexplained absence threatens the cohesion of the team and puts him and Elias on a collision course of strong wills, broken hearts, and shattered trust. In the end, they may lose the very thing that matters most to them both: each other.

Scoreless Game is approximately 180,000 words, including a bonus short story. This asexual-pansexual romance is book 2 in the On the Board series.

CW: on-page struggles with alcoholism and binge-drinking, suicidal ideation, toxic family dynamics, acephobia

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