All those NAMES in the On the Board Series

Isaac gathered the cards at the center of the table. “So, you and me, and Karlsson and Sidorov—Sido?”

I’d never seen Elias roll his eyes quite so hard. “It’s Elias, or Karly.”

Isaac’s sheepish grin was lovely. “Okay.”

Nikki leveled another glare at me before shifting his attention to Isaac. “You can call me Nisha here.” He gestured to the four of us.

So, one thing about hockey is that everyone pretty much has a nickname. Take the Penguins. Evgeni Malkin is Geno or G. Kris Letang is Tanger (though his glove says Legend and yes there’s a story behind that). Sidney Crosby is.. well, he’s Sid. Marcus Petterson has been Dragon, but is now Petey (as are all Petterssons, it seems) and that caused some confusion when Jeff Petry joined the team, because he was also Petey, but is now JP. Anyway… nicknames.

So, yes, the boys on the Griffins have nicknames, too. Some, like Nisha, have more than one. Names are important, and a sign of the closeness of a relationship, or the formality of a situation. You’ll see some of this come out in Scoreless Game.

Without further ado, here are the main ones mentioned in the Rookie Mistake (will update sometime after Scoreless Game comes out, since adding those might constitute spoilers):

Elias KarlssonKarly
Nikolai SidorovSido, Nisha, Nikki
Julien LandryLans, Jules, King
Isaac RiveraRivs
Brock PaxtonPaxy
David LarfieldLarry
Jack DavidsonDavy
Valdis OzolsOzzy