Taste the Rainbow Blog Hop: Inspire


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There have been so many things that have inspired me to write LGBTQ fiction, but I think the one that sticks in my mind the most was my first term at grad school for my MFA. As part of the program, those graduating gave thesis readings. Now, the thesis was a fully ready for submission genre novel, so the thesis readings were 50 minute long sessions where the author talked a bit about why this novel and then read for about a half hour. As students, we were encouraged to go to as many of the readings as we could. So I did.

One of the first ones I went to was Traci Castleberry’s. Her novel was a fantasy romance with genderqueer and gay characters. And I thought, “Oh! So I can do that, then? Really? In an academic program?” (Tracy writes as herself and as Evey Brett and as Nica Berry.) To read a LGBTQ book, out loud, for a half an hour, to a rapped audience, and then receive applause (and a degree)? Now THAT was inspiring.

And it gave me the courage to break out of my fear and write rainbow characters without subterfuge. I don’t think Traci even knows how she inspired me that day. (hi!)

So my question for you, dear readers, is what has inspired you to push beyond your boundaries?

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Another tiny snippet of Just Business

I should probably post this on WIP Wendnesday, but hey, let’s call it Snippet Saturday instead:

I want to get to know you. Beyond work, beyond play.

Favorite flavor of ice cream. Best album. Comfort movie. Not being dead like Noah.

Justin wasn’t Noah, he wasn’t like Noah. But the feelings? Those were. The tickle of anticipation, the occasional moment of vertigo, the warmth in Eli’s chest when Justin smiled. So close it almost felt like he was cheating on those memories of Noah.