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This weekend, while I was on the road, I learned that Close Quarter received a Rainbow Award Honorable Mention! I’m bowled over completely by this.

From Elisa’s post:

An Honorable Mention means a judge really liked the book, so much they gave it a rate above 36 out of 40; an honorable mention doesn’t necessarily mean the book is a finalist, you have to wait the actual announcement on October 1 to know that.

More specifically, the reviewers said:

Heidi: I really enjoyed this one–in fact, I’d already purchased and read it on my own before receiving it as a jury entry. I reread it with pleasure. Such a unique, exciting world to explore. Hoping for more in this series.

Kris: I really liked this story. The twists on fae/vampires/elements was refreshing and creative. Overall, I really enjoyed the read and would recommend it to others.

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I just typed those two little words…

I just typed those two little words that always make my day: The End.


I finally finished a novella I set out to write back in June. It…isn’t a novella any more. It’s a novel. A short one, but still, it crept out of novella length.

It’s an erotic romance, a m/m contemporary this time, an office romance I’ve titled Acquisition and Merger. I wanted to write something a bit different and see if I could create tension without having something monstrous out to get my heroes. Time will tell if I’ve succeeded. I still need to run it though a revision pass, since I know there are issues with the draft, but there’s nothing like the feeling of a story being complete. They have their HEA and can sail off into the sunset. Huzzah!

What’s next? Well, my other pen name is working on revisions to a fantasy novel based on my agent’s comments. It…uh…has m/m themes. I can’t seem to help that, so when I have news, I’ll probably note it here as well.

After I finish that, I’ll be getting back to a sequels for Close Quarter. And then about a dozen other projects.

P. J. Perryman’s A Bride for Lord Esher

Another of my AbsoluteWrite forum friends has a new book out! Give it up for P.J. Perryman!

A Bride for Lord EsherA Bride for Lord Esher

The blurb

During a drinking bout with a bridal party, Lord Robert Esher makes a foolish bet to marry the inn-keepers daughter. His companion, a mischievous friend from his childhood, ensures the bargain is kept.

When Esher rises the next morning, he finds he is married to Chastity, a comely wench, her virtue sold for a few guineas by her father. Despite asking the church and King George for an annulment, Esher can’t undo what has been done before God.

But his ever jealous friends are insulted by the association with such a low-born woman. In an act of spite, one woman plants a brooch in Chastity’s chamber, hoping to ruin her reputation. When Chastity is accused of stealing, Esher puts her aside, so she flees to Hastings to start a new life. But chance is unkind, and her new place is discovered by another enemy, who would steal her virtue and disgrace her forever.

Regretting his decision to abandon her, Esher rushes to find Chastity and make amends. But his change of heart may have come too late to save her from total ruin.

A Bride for Lord Esher is a dark historical romance complete at 37,000-words.


Lord Ashworth had drunk more ale than was good for him. He sat, slumped and near unconsciousness, a pewter tankard still looped in his fingers as the contents sloshed on the innkeeper’s finest table. “I’ll take another.”

The passing barmaid refilled his tankard, knowing he could no more drink another drop than copulate. Still, money was money and she was paid to serve.

His companion, Lord Esher, was considerably less inebriated. He grabbed the wench by the waist and pulled her down onto his lap. “You can earn an extra shilling if you take me upstairs, my lovely.” His eager hands groped freely at her comely frame, and he nuzzled into her neck, expecting his attentions be received with gratitude. He did not expect the sharp slap he received in reply, and recoiled at the unexpectedness of it.

“Get your hands off me,” said the barmaid. “I ain’t no common whore. I serve drinks here and that’s all I do, don’t you gentlemen forget it.”

Lord Esher’s hand flew to his face and covered the spot where she had slapped him. He didn’t look amused. His third companion, a Mr. Tom Warren spat his own ale out with laughter. He sat chuckling for a moment, during which time the barmaid scuttled off out of harm’s way. When he was at last able to compose himself, the young man set his tankard on the table and waited till the young woman disappeared around the corner.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a wench turn you down,” said Tom. And it was true, Lord Robert Esher was perhaps the most strikingly handsome man he had ever known. The two men had been friends since childhood, and Tom recognized Esher had a certain commanding air about him that drew both women of fortune and poverty alike. One lone scar cut across Esher’s chin. It marred his features, but even that gave him a rugged, dangerous look which had an appeal of its own.

“That one’s got a bit of spittle in her belly,” said Tom.

“She’ll have more than a little spittle there before the night is through, I’ll wager.” Robert laughed. Not one to hold a grudge, his good humor was quickly restored. “In the meantime, what are we going to do about our dear friend Lord Ashworth, here? He’s positively pickled.”

Tom nodded thoughtfully. “Yes, quite the mess, he’s had more drink than is good for a man on the eve of his wedding. I’m afraid your sister won’t thank us for returning him in this state.”

“Ah, she’s a woman, she’ll be thankful enough when he says I do.”

From the corner of his eye, Lord Robert Esher kept a close watch on the wench as she meandered through the tavern tables, serving the other customers politely, and treating all roaming hands with the same disdain. She was not typical of her class, for he found most would hoist their skirts for the price of a dinner. In truth, she intrigued him.

“You like that one, don’t you,” noted his friend, Tom. “Perhaps you should talk to the inn-keeper, find out how many coins will lift her petticoats. I’ll wager it will not be much.”

Like many of his set, Robert liked nothing more than a good bet. He leaned forward, practically climbing over his prostrate companion. His lacy sleeve dangled on Ashworth’s inebriated back as he pondered the question. Lord Ashworth felt nothing, and continued to snore away.

“Very well then,” he answered. “Five shillings says she’ll have me, and if she does, you pay the price of my pleasure.”

“And if she does not?”


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C.P. Foster’s Secret Studies

Today, I’m hosting C.P. Foster, another friend from Absolute Write. She’s here to talk about her hot and sexy new paranormal romance, Secret Studies! Take it away, C.P.!

Secret Studies (Arcaneology Book 2)

To celebrate the release of Secret Studies, book two in the Arcaneology series, I am hosting a give-away for the next week. Entering is simple:

1) come to my Facebook author home page
2) hit like, if you haven’t already
3) leave a comment

That’s it! Next Monday I’ll put all of the names into a virtual hat and give away the prizes. What are the prizes? Glad you asked!

Prize #1: A digital copy (your choice of format) of both books in the Arcaneology Series (Dark Studies and Secret Studies).
Prizes #2 and #3: A digital copy of Secret Studies, plus a vial-of-blood necklace and a bookmark.
Prize #4, 5, and 6: A copy of Dark Studies, plus a blank-book journal and a bookmark.

You can find pictures of the prizes in my album. Come on over and enter today!


SecretStudes_ByCPFoster-133x200If she could only stop running, she could start living…

With a million-dollar bounty on her head, Angie Clark has been hiding under the noses of her enemies for nearly a decade. But trying to prevent a war between humans and vampires has landed her in trouble—again. A vampire monarch bent on revenge has taken out a new contract on her, and Angie knows that if she’s caught, her enemies will torture her until she begs for death. Mired in violence and death, keeping her secrets becomes more important than ever. And as her life unravels bit by bit, she fears she’ll have to leave behind everyone and everything that matters to her and run.

But when Steffen Scott puts his life on the line in order to protect her, she can no longer deny her feelings for him. As the threat of war looms over humanity once again, it could mean the annihilation of both species, and Angie must decide whether to keep running or to turn and fight. And maybe find out what she and Steffen could become.


She went to him, and let him draw her onto his lap. He angled her so her legs dangled to one side while her back rested against his broad chest. His skin felt cool, but not as cold as before.

“Did you intend to tease me by leaving that lovely throat bare?” he murmured into her ear.

“Don’t you like it?”

His growl vibrated over her. “I’ve thought of little else since the moment I arrived. May I taste you now?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

With a gentle touch, he took the single curl that tickled the side of her neck and tucked it behind her ear. Grace closed her eyes as he settled his mouth over her vein. His fangs extended, thin as those of a snake, and pricked the soft skin. She held her breath.

He curved one arm around her waist an instant before he struck. Pain flickered for only a second, then a lush wave of pleasure overtook her, and she moaned aloud. His arm tightened while his other hand stroked up to cover her breast. He squeezed. Found the stiffening nipple and pinched. Grace arched with desire as he caressed his way to her thighs and edged them apart. The suction of his drinking, the quiet sounds he made, the way his body grew warmer with each passing second, all of the sensations engulfed her.

He eased her skirt up and nudged her panties aside so he could graze his fingertips over her moist lower lips. She tensed from head to toe as he traced a slick path to her bud and began to stroke. Her racing heart pumped blood into his mouth. Pleasure built, and when she came, he sucked harder to drink in her ecstasy.

Book Info:

Secret Studies (Arcaneology Book 2)
C. P. Foster
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Length: Novel
Warnings: Contains BDSM elements and dubious consent

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C. P. Foster is a writer of urban fantasy, romance, and erotica. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Cuddles the caliby kitten, and a cat named Tom that is no longer actually a tom. She doubt he appreciates the irony.