GayRomLit is coming! And I’m going!

GRL logoGayRomLit is happening soon! It’s on October 16th through 19th just outside Chicago. You can find out more details at the GayRomLit Retreat Website.

I’m attending as a Supporting Author! So the places you can find me for sure are:

Thursday, October 16th 10am – noon: The Supporting Author Book Signing

I’ll have print copies of Close Quarter for sale, as well. Takeover is an ebook only, so I’ll only have swag postcards to sign. There’s also an excerpt in the From Chicago with Love book that’s offered free to attendees.

Friday, October 17th 12:30pm to 1:10pm: The Author’s Lounge Event

Stop by and chat! First five people who do will get a little something special. No, I don’t actually know what that is yet, but I’ll have just been in Germany the week before, so probably something interesting! And chocolate. I’ll have chocolate.

Friday, October 17th 2:30 to 4:20: Scapbooking with the Rainbow Romance Writers

I’ll have pages and stuff with which to decorate!

And if you don’t see me at any of those times, you’ll likely find me at the bar hanging out with folks. I am told that someone is bringing Cards Against Humanity…

A Road Trip, A Meetup, and a Starred Review!

Wow, I haven’t updated in a while, have I?

So, I’ve been on the road a lot. Since my last post, I’ve been to Detroit to see Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park. Then I went to Los Angeles and met up with LA Witt, her hubby, and Cat Grant for the screening of Artifact, tooled around Hollywood, then… saw Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park. Yes, again. Yes, lots of Mars this summer.

But it was the Hollywood Bowl! I couldn’t pass that up. And OMG, the seats I had. Well, see for yourself:IMG_1970

Yup. That’s Jared Leto walking past. And no zoom. I was in the front row of the section right before the pit, where this wall runs across that the performers jump out onto and walk along. And so he did. It was pretty freaking spectacular. Linkin Park was amazing, too.

Then I went up to Seattle with LA Witt for a few days of relaxation and writing, then went to the Gay Romance Northwest Meetup at the Seattle Public Library. That was a blast! I went as a reader, but I hope I can go next year as an author.

Also, during this time, Takeover got a Starred Review in Library Journal! I am still blown away by that! Here’s the review:

OrangeReviewStar Dimon, Zabo, Sexy Librarians’ Big Book of Erotica, plus BDSM Writers Con, & More | Erotica ReviewsZabo, Anna. Takeover. InterMix: Penguin. 2014. 198p. ebk. ISBN 9780698182134. $4.99. EROTICA
Embittered, overworked Michael Sebastian tries to escape the grip of his sinking engineering company for just a week, fleeing to the gay-friendly town of Curacao. He finds himself still living in his head, overthinking and woefully unattached until he meets Sam, a mysterious well-dressed stranger who ends up needing just the punishment Michael has been desperate to give (and then some). They part after their night together, convinced, and disappointed, that they will never meet again. But fate works in mysterious ways, and Michael returns to work to find Sam as the brand-new, closeted “suit” hired to save his company from disrepair. Sam and Michael struggle through a blossoming partnership as colleagues and friends, each wanting something more but unable to pursue it for personal and professional reasons. Zabo offers an engaging narrative that ropes readers in from the beginning, addressing issues of trust, love, sex, and homophobia while also crafting potent sex scenes. The BDSM elements of Sam and Michael’s interactions are depicted in a healthy manner, with communication, safe words, and explicit consent from both parties. Verdict This hot, heady title excels in both porn and plot. Recommended for those seeking a solid BDSM-tinged M/M romance with plenty of backstory.

Now, I’m about to head out on the road again, first to Germany for training for my DayJob, then to Chicago for GayRomLit! More about GRL and my schedule there…next post. Which will likely be tomorrow. And not, you know, a month from now.